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Forex advisers are trader's assistants on the international currency market - trading robots. Without trading robots in our time, no really successful trader in Forex.
Our expert is developed by professional traders for automatic trading on the forex market. Designed for use on Metatrader 4 terminal.

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Why should traders buy Forex Robot?

For you who already join Forex, the term of Forex robot must be familiar enough. Well, it is although not all people may be interested to have it. So, what is it? This is not a real robot that you can have physically at home. However, it is indeed functioned as a robot that can be used to replace you in doing any activities related to Forex trading. This robot is also known as an expert advisor since it is especially programmed to help the traders in any transaction. Forex robot can be downloaded in the form of software whether it is free or repaid. Undeniably, this tool is really beneficial. In spite of pros and cons of the usage of this robot, there are many reasons why you should have it. Here they are.

Forex robot is able to run hundreds or even thousands instruction per second to scan and execute every chance of trading. Of course, this is something that human impossibly does. This ability tends to help you in saving the time and doing all the trading activities in more effective ways. However, not all robots have that much ability. It depends on the features offered by the robot's producers. Besides, it is also related to the system that is basing the production as well.

Emotion can be both benefits and lacks when you make a decision in Forex. At a point, there are people who always use their intuition to make it and it is fortunately right. But there are also times when your emotion can even damage all of your decision. Well, this is why Forex robot is considered as the best choice to accompany the traders in Forex. In any condition of the market, this robot is only done the instructions based on the programming standard without emotion intervention. It means that Forex robot will execute orders like buy or sell as well as put Stop Loss and Take Profits just like the formula.
You can compare it with manual trading in which the traders are simply influenced by their own emotion when seeing the price movement. Those traders usually change the positions of Stop Loss and Take Profits because of feeling too greedy or worry. In the long term, this bad habit can be a barrier for your success. In this case, Forex robot is indeed much better.

Active for 24/ 7
As long as the robot is connected to the VPS, it can work all day long for non-stop. Therefore, when there is an opportunity of trading, the robot is always ready to execute the market order. In other words, by installing this tool, you should not worry about missing the opportunity when you are really busy doing other activities. Well, sleeping at night will not be disturbed also for sure.

Good Performance
Forex robot is always consistent in following its programming standard. It means that its performance can be measured properly as well. In general, the performance of Forex robot is measured by Back Test or Forward Testing method. So, before you buy thus robot, make sure to check the performance report, whether it works well or not.

Good Features
Along with the development of Forex robot, there are more features to follow the market dynamics. Some of them are News Filter and Invisible Mode features to avoid stop-loss hunting brokers. So that you can always enjoy the most sophisticated features, it is better to choose a developer that provides an auto-update feature.
It is clear enough that installing this robot is a really good idea for your Forex trading activities. Although you may not need to activate it every time, the Forex robot is just worth it.   

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FX-Orbital EA


FX-Orbital EA


FX-Orbital EA

Market Domination Algorithm
 FX-Orbital EA utilizes its Trend Signal Strategy to systematically execute profitable trades. The algorithm patiently applies well-vetted trading parameters to profit from the market trend while safeguarding your Gains.

FX-Orbital EA implements its Breakout Strategy to watch the market for potential trend reversals.
Once an opportunity is detected, FX-Orbital EA dynamically adjusts its trading parameters to maximize the profit potential of each trade.

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Backtesting /Results

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FX-Orbital EA

Non Martingale system

NFA/FIFO compatible

Broker Independent

Works at most brokerage

Best Trade on AUDUSD

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Perfectly automated algorithmic trading system

Trade Management

Professionally designed to cut losses early and

allow good trades run to maximize gains.

The EA can be run on any broker and any account type.

Trades will be similar across all brokers.

Higher gains on brokers with lower spreads.


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